Sukagawa Aikido Club - Japan

Sukagawa-shi (Sukagawa city) is located along the old Tohoku highway, Route 4, approximately 200 km north of Tokyo in the prefecture of Fukushima. Located between Koriyama to the north and Shirakawa to the south, this small city is home to the original Sukagawa Aikido Club from which our Montreal based club grew.

The club was sarted in 1979 by Yoshinobu Kashimura. Home to about 25 or so members, practices are held Tuesdays and Fridays at the Sukagawa Budokan (Sukagawa martial arts center).

Until the turn of the millenium the club was led by the 6th degree master Suzuki, Takashi shihan from Shirakawa-shi in Fukushima-ken. With his passing in September of 2000 the honor of leading the club was passed on to now 6th dan Kashimura, Yoshinobu sensei.

Until recently the club's grandmaster teacher has been Suzuki sensei's former friend and master, Masatake Fujita, 8th degree blackbelt shihan from the Hombu Dojo (world headquarters) in Tokyo.